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Gel Toe Pads
Wide Gel Toe Separators
Narrow Gel Toe Separators
was $24.00

Russian Pointe Gel Toe Pads
Item: RP109
was $6.00

Russian Pointe Wide Gel Toe Separators
Item: RP108
was $6.00

Russian Pointe Narrow Gel Toe Separators
Item: RP107
No Slip Grip Pointe Shoe Adhesive
was $25.00

Dancers Company "No Slip Grip" Pointe Shoe Adhesive
Enzyme Solutions "Stink Be Gone" Deodorizing Shoe Spray
Item: 4000130
Sassi Embroidered Dance Tote Bag
Item: LLD01
was $14.00

DansBagz Clear Dance Garment Bag
Item: B596LAV
was $14.00

DansBagz Clear Dance Garment Bag
Item: B595PNK
was $15.00

DansBagz Garment Bag with Privacy Pockets
Item: B598WHT

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