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Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe Guide

  • Gaynor Minden Explained
  • Box / Width Options
  • Shank Options
  • Heel / Vamp Options

  • Gaynor Minden Explained

    1. Superior anti-impact insoles cushion your hard-working feet. Gaynor Minden is the only pointe shoe with high-tech PORON® 4000.

    2. Dry feet are happy feet. Gaynor Minden pretty peachy-pink satin has a soft lining that wicks perspiration away from your feet so it quickly evaporates.

    3. Strong, light and flexible, Gaynor Minden's elastomeric shanks need no breaking in and they won't break down. Ever.

    4. Gaynor Minden shanks can easily be adjusted to bend in just the right place so your feet will immediately look their best and your placement will be correct.

    5. Ever get a sore spot on the top of your foot where the drawstring tucks in? Never again. Gaynor Minden's elastic drawstring opens on the side and disappears under your arch.

    6. Grand Allegro is a whole new experience. Gaynor Minden patented noise-reducing, shock-absorbing panel replaces hard, lumpy pleats. It virtually eliminates noise, and it provides a smooth, flat surface to balance. No more loud, clomping landings. No more wobbly penchés because of lumpy pleats.

    7. Adagio is great too. Balancing is easy on our secure, consistent platforms and our smooth, stable soles.

    8. Custom-fit the box with the Gaynor Minden Fitting Kit. Made from state-of-the-art materials and specially shaped for dancers' needs, these cushions maximize comfort without taking up a lot of space.

    Box / Width: All About Dance offers 3 widths and 3 box styles of the Gaynor Minden. The width, which refers to the girth measurement taken around the metatarsal, is available in Narrow, Medium, and Wide. The box styles number, which refers to the size and shape of the box, is available in #2, #3, and #4. Most lengths are available in all three widths, and many are available with different box styles as well, giving the dancer quite a number of choices in fitting this critical part of the foot.

    Shank: All Gaynor Minden shanks (and boxes) are made of an elastometric polymer. Unlike conventional paper-based shanks and boxes Gaynor Mindens will not deteriorate or get soft. All About Dance only offers the Medium/Hard shank; Extraflex. This provides ample support for most dancers, and a slight springiness that helps the dancer rise up to pointe. If the dancer likes the shank in a Bloch, Repetto, firm Capezio or Grishko, then she will probably prefer Extraflex.

    Heel / Vamp: The vamp should always cover the toes, metatarsals and bunion joints. On most dancers it covers the front third of the foot. A vamp that covers half the foot is almost certainly too long. The shape of the Gaynor Minden throat is oval, or egg-shaped, in between the sharp Russian-V and the open-throat styles. It flatters most feet and provides excellent support. All About Dance offers the most popular heel/vamp combination, the high heel with a deep vamp. The high heel is similar to the cut of a Russian shoe.