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Womens Minima Half Sole Lyrical Shoe
Gel Toe Pads
Womens Dance Warm-Up Booties
was $20.00

Russian Pointe Womens "Minima" Half Sole Lyrical Shoe
Item: RP114
was $24.00

Russian Pointe Gel Toe Pads
Item: RP109
was $45.00

Russian Pointe Womens Dance Warm-Up Booties
Item: RP104
Adult Entrada Pro Pointe Shoe
Womens Vivante Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoes
was $45.00

Russian Pointe Womens Glitter Dance Warm-Up Booties
Item: RP103
Russian Pointe Adult Entrada Pro Pointe Shoe
Item: EN
Russian Pointe Womens Vivante Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoes
Item: VLD
Mens Canvas Ballet Shoes
Sewing Kit
Adult Rubin V-Cut Pointe Shoe
Russian Pointe Mens Canvas Ballet Shoes
Item: VMN
was $13.00

Russian Pointe Sewing Kit
Russian Pointe Adult "Rubin" V-Cut Pointe Shoe
Item: RN
Adult Brava Pointe Shoe
Standard 3/4 Elastic
Russian Pointe Adult "Brava" Pointe Shoe
Item: BD
Russian Pointe Standard 3/4" Elastic
Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Adult Encore Pointe Shoe
Muse Pointe Shoe
Adult Lumina Pointe Shoe
was $90.00

Russian Pointe Adult Encore Pointe Shoe
Item: ED
Russian Pointe Muse Pointe Shoe
Item: MD
Russian Pointe Adult Lumina Pointe Shoe
Item: LD
Adult Sapfir Pointe Shoe (Sapphire)
Adult Rubin Pointe Shoe (Ruby)
Adult Almaz Pointe Shoe (Diamond)
Russian Pointe Adult Sapfir Pointe Shoe (Sapphire)
Item: SD
Russian Pointe Adult Rubin Pointe Shoe (Ruby)
Item: RD
was $90.00

Russian Pointe Adult Almaz Pointe Shoe (Diamond)
Item: AD

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