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Freed European Pink Narrow Elastic
Gaynor Minden 3/4" Elastic
Item: GME
Russian Pointe Standard 3/4" Elastic
Girls Tap Ties
Pillows For Pointes Gel Pointe Shoe Cushions
Item: GPC
Theatricals Girls Tap Ties
Item: TT90357
Gaynor Minden Invisible Elastic
Item: GMIE
Elaaahstic Dance Shoe Elastic
Gaynor Minden "Elaaahstic" Dance Shoe Elastic
Item: SAE125
Grishko 1" Wide Ribbon
Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe Heel Grippers
Item: GMHG
Heart Tap Ties
was $4.50

Dasha Heart Tap Ties
Item: 3009
was $5.00

All About Dance Smiley Toe Tape
Item: AND5200
Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Suffolk Double Sided Ribbon Set
Item: 1507
was $5.00

Bunheads Toe Tape
Item: BH370
Pillows For Pointes Stretch Toe Tape
Item: PFP16
Freed Freed European Pink Ribbon 1"
was $6.00

Bunheads Stretching The Pointe Mesh Elastic
Item: BH317
was $6.00

Pointe Snaps Green Ballerina Clear Natural Dance Rosin
was $5.90

Bloch Elastorib Ribbon 7/8"
Item: A0525
was $6.00

Bloch Pointe Shoe Stretch Ribbon
Item: A0526
was $6.00

Bloch 1" Pink Mesh Elastic
Item: A0185
Extension Ribbon
Cushions for Back of Heel
was $6.00

Bunheads Extension Ribbon
Item: BH310LPP
was $6.50

Pillows For Pointes Foam Rubber Toe Pads
Item: FRTP
Fancy Feet Cushions for Back of Heel
Item: F72031
Spot Dot Gel Cushions
Cushions for Ball of Foot
Fancy Feet Spot Dot Gel Cushions
Item: 72082
Fancy Feet Cushions for Ball of Foot
Item: F72027
was $6.20

Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Stretch Elastic Ribbon Pack
Item: 52

123456717 Pages