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Adult Elastosplit Grecian Leather Teaching Sandal
was $58.00

Bloch Adult Elastosplit Grecian Leather Teaching Sandal
Item: ES0410L
was $26.50

Bloch "Elastosplit X" Adult Split-Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper
Item: ES0251L
was $87.00

Bloch Adult Balance European Pointe Shoe
Item: ES0160L
Tutto Nero Adult Dance Sneaker
was $53.20

Sansha "Hi-Step" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: P40C
was $53.20

Sansha "Tutto Nero" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: P22M
was $6.50

Danshuz Taps
Item: ST
Pinky Pads
Capezio Taps
Item: TT
Bunheads Pinky Pads
Item: BH1040
was $14.00

Eurotard Feather Lites
Item: 990FL
Pointe Shoe Extension Ribbon
was $24.40

Bunheads Large Ouch Pouch
Item: BH1055
was $24.00

Bunheads Small Ouch Pouch
Item: BH1054
was $6.50

Prima Soft Pointe Shoe Extension Ribbon
Item: PSSR
was $64.00

Bloch "Boost" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: S0528L
was $30.00

Sansha "#1Pro" Unisex Adult Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper
Item: S1L
was $95.00

Grishko Russian Made Adult ProFlex 2007 Pointe Shoe
Item: PF
was $89.00

Bloch "Respect" Adult Lace Up Tap Shoe
Item: S0361L
was $94.00

Bloch Adult "Axiom" Pointe Shoe
Item: S0108
was $35.00

Dance Paws Adult Padded Lyrical Half Sole
Item: DPP
Toe Pads
was $21.50

Bloch Foot Thong III Lyrical Shoe
Item: S0675L
was $11.50

Pillows For Pointes Gel Toe Pillows
Item: GTTP
Danztech Toe Pads
Item: TSSD
Extension Ribbon
Super Spacers
was $6.50

Bunheads Extension Ribbon
Item: BH310LPP
was $9.50

Bunheads Super Spacers
Item: BH1044
was $22.30

Capezio Girls Footundeez Lyrical Half Sole
Item: H07C
Adult Pedini Femme Lyrical Teaching Sandal
Manhattan Xtreme Adult 2 1/2 Heel Tap Shoe
Original Ouch Pouch
was $64.00

Capezio Adult Pedini Femme Lyrical Teaching Sandal
Item: PP323
was $84.00

Capezio "Manhattan Xtreme" Adult 2 1/2" Heel Tap Shoe
Item: 657
was $24.40

Bunheads Original Ouch Pouch
Item: BH005