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Adult Lumina Pointe Shoe
Adult Sapfir Pointe Shoe (Sapphire)
Adult Rubin Pointe Shoe (Ruby)
Russian Pointe Adult Lumina Pointe Shoe
Item: LD
Russian Pointe Adult Sapfir Pointe Shoe (Sapphire)
Item: SD
Russian Pointe Adult Rubin Pointe Shoe (Ruby)
Item: RD
Adult Almaz Pointe Shoe (Diamond)
Russian Pointe Adult Almaz Pointe Shoe (Diamond)
Item: AD
was $102.00

Suffolk Adult "Solo" Pointe Shoe
Item: SOLO
was $98.00

Freed Adult "Classic Professional" Hard Pointe Shoe
was $93.00

Grishko Adult "2007" Pointe Shoe
Item: 2007
was $95.00

Grishko Adult Triumph Pointe Shoe
Item: TRS
was $35.00

Sansha Adult American Soft-Toe Pointe Shoe
Item: DP808

12345678 PagesShow All