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4-Pack Stick-On Toe Tape
Dancers Dots Gel Cushions Mini Pack
Gel Toe Pads
Bunheads 4-Pack Stick-On Toe Tape
Item: BH1526
Gaynor Minden Dancers' Dots Gel Cushions Mini Pack
Item: SAT134
was $24.00

Russian Pointe Gel Toe Pads
Item: RP109
No Slip Grip Pointe Shoe Adhesive
Rosin Spray
was $25.00

Dancers Company "No Slip Grip" Pointe Shoe Adhesive
was $20.00

Bloch Rosin Spray
Item: A0302
Bloch Double Satin Finished Soft Elasto-Ribbon
Item: A0532
Bloch Double Satin Finished Soft Ribbon
Item: A0531
Bloch Stretch Sheer Ribbon
Item: A0529
Bloch Satin Stretch Ribbon
Item: A0528
was $30.00

Bloch Satin Stretch Ribbon Roll
Item: A0193
was $24.00

Bloch Satin Ribbon Roll
Item: A0191
was $9.00

Bloch 4-Pack Jumbo Toe Spacers
Item: A916
Cozy Toes Pointe Shoe Gel Pads
was $21.00

Capezio "Cozy Toes" Pointe Shoe Gel Pads
Item: BH006U
Pillows For Pointes Xtra Long Toe Pillows
Pillows For Pointes Xtra Long Gel Tip Toe Pillows
Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag
Elaaahstic Dance Shoe Elastic
Pillows For Pointes Xtra Long Super Gellows
DansBagz Mesh Pointe Shoe Bag
Item: B745
Gaynor Minden "Elaaahstic" Dance Shoe Elastic
Item: SAE125
Instant Wing Insoles
Spot Dot Gel Cushions
was $10.00

Gaynor Minden Instant Wing Insoles
Item: SAF124
was $24.00

Gaynor Minden Dancers' Dots Gel Cushions
Item: SAT126
Fancy Feet Spot Dot Gel Cushions
Item: 72082
Cushions for Back of Heel
Cushions for Ball of Foot
Adult Supportive Arch Band
Fancy Feet Cushions for Back of Heel
Item: F72031
Fancy Feet Cushions for Ball of Foot
Item: F72027
was $12.00

Capezio Adult Supportive "Arch" Band
Item: H21U
Spray Resin
Pointe Shoe Stretch Kit
Freed Spray Resin
Item: 318907140
was $26.00

Bloch Pointe Shoe Stretch Kit
Item: A0527
Bloch Pointe Shoe Stretch Ribbon
Item: A0526
Bamboo Pointe Padding
Super Gellows Pointe Shoe Pads
Pointe Snaps Bamboo Pointe Padding
Pillows For Pointes Super Gellows Pointe Shoe Pads
Item: SUPG
Pillows For Pointes Stretch Toe Tape
Item: PFP16
Gel Pointe Shoe Pad
Sewing Kit
was $18.00

Sansha Gel Pointe Shoe Pad
Item: CGPAD2
was $13.00

Russian Pointe Sewing Kit
Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Stretch Elastic Ribbon Pack
Item: 52
Suffolk Sewing Tube
Item: 1525
Suffolk Bolt of 1" Woven Elastic
Item: 1515
Suffolk Double Sided Ribbon Set
Item: 1507
Big Toe Bunion Pad
was $96.00

Freed Bulk 1" Wide Ribbon
Item: BFWR
Bunheads Stretching The Pointe Mesh Elastic
Item: BH317
was $14.00

Danztech Big Toe Bunion Pad
Item: TSTJ
Standard 3/4 Elastic
Russian Pointe Standard 3/4" Elastic
Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Kryolan Toe Shoe Makeup
Item: 1101KTS
Xtra Long Gellows
was $21.00

Pillows For Pointes Xtra Long Gellows
Item: GELX
was $10.00

Bunheads Instant Jet Glue
Item: BH250
was $6.50

Item: MESH1
Pointe Shoe Sachets
Mesh Bag
was $13.50

Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit
Item: 50
Pillows For Pointes Pointe Shoe Sachets
Item: CED
was $9.75

Pillows For Pointes Mesh Bag
Item: PSP
Pointe Shoe Ribbon & Elastic Attachment Snaps
Pointe Snaps Pointe Shoe Ribbon & Elastic Attachment Snaps
Item: PSNS1012
was $25.40

Bunheads Colorful Ouch Pouch Jr. Large
Item: BH1095PM
was $25.40

Bunheads Colorful Ouch Pouch Jr. Large
Item: BH1095VF
Pointe Shoe Extra Support Extension Ribbon
was $5.50

All About Dance Smiley Toe Tape
Item: AND5200
was $6.50

Prima Soft Pointe Shoe Extra Support Extension Ribbon
Bloch 1" Pink Mesh Elastic
Item: A0185
was $74.00

Freed Bulk 1/2" Narrow Elastic
Item: BNE
was $44.00

Freed Bulk 3/4" Wide Elastic
Item: BWE
was $7.00

Bunheads Small/Medium Gel Toe Tips
Item: BH1450
Pinky Pads
was $8.50

Daniels 1 oz. Pointe Shoe Glue
Item: PSG1
was $6.50

Pillows For Pointes Foam Rubber Toe Pads
Item: FRTP
Bunheads Pinky Pads
Item: BH1040
was $14.00

Eurotard Feather Lites
Item: 990FL
was $24.40

Bunheads Large Ouch Pouch
Item: BH1055
was $24.00

Bunheads Small Ouch Pouch
Item: BH1054
Pointe Shoe Extension Ribbon
Toe Pads
was $6.50

Prima Soft Pointe Shoe Extension Ribbon
Item: PSSR
was $11.50

Pillows For Pointes Gel Toe Pillows
Item: GTTP
Danztech Toe Pads
Item: TSSD
Extension Ribbon
Super Spacers
Original Ouch Pouch
was $6.50

Bunheads Extension Ribbon
Item: BH310LPP
was $9.50

Bunheads Super Spacers
Item: BH1044
was $24.40

Bunheads Original Ouch Pouch
Item: BH005
Toe Spacer Pack
Large Jr. Ouch Pouch
Protective Toe Tips
Bunheads Toe Spacer Pack
Item: BH1045
was $24.40

Bunheads Large Jr. Ouch Pouch
Item: BH1095
was $10.00

Bunheads Protective Toe Tips
Item: BH1050
Large Protective Toe Tips
Small Jr. Ouch Pouch
was $10.00

Bunheads Large Protective Toe Tips
Item: BH1051
was $22.40

Bunheads Small Jr. Ouch Pouch
Item: BH1094
Freed European Pink Narrow Elastic
Large Pro Pad
Freed Freed European Pink Ribbon 1"
Bloch Elastorib Ribbon 7/8"
Item: A0525
was $23.00

Bunheads Large Pro Pad
Item: BH1215
3/4 Elastic
Gaynor Minden Invisible Elastic
Item: GMIE
Gaynor Minden 3/4" Elastic
Item: GME
Gaynor Minden Pale Peach Ribbon
Item: GMR
Pillows For Pointes Rosin
Item: RRP
Pillows For Pointes Gel Pointe Shoe Cushions
Item: GPC
Pillows For Pointes Lambs Wool Toe Pillows
Item: LCTP
Bunheads Toe Tape
Item: BH370
Toe Savers Mini Pointe Shoe Pads
Item: TSAV
was $19.50

Pillows For Pointes Reversible Toe Pad
Item: GEL
Extension Ribbon
Stitch Kit
was $9.50

Gaynor Minden Foam Toe Tape
Item: GMTW
Bunheads Extension Ribbon
Item: BH310PP
Bunheads Stitch Kit
Item: BH350
Pillows For Pointes Lambs Wool 1 Oz.
Item: LLW
was $18.50

All About Dance Pointe Shoe Glue
Item: JET764
was $24.00

Eurotard Pointe Comfort
Item: 990
Pointe Shoe Fitting Kit
was $25.00

Eurotard Pointe Comfort Ultra Lite
Item: 990U
Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe Heel Grippers
Item: GMHG
was $12.00

Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoe Fitting Kit