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Self-Adhesive 3/4 Pointe Tape
Capezio Womens "Ava" Broad Toe Pointe Shoes
Item: 1142W

was $8.00

Pointe Snaps Self-Adhesive 3/4" Pointe Tape
was $25.00

So Danca Womens "Brit" Leather Ballet Shoes
Item: SD60
Capezio Womens "Donatella" Ballet Pointe Shoe #3 Shank
Item: 1139W
Capezio Womens "Donatella" Pointe Shoe #2 Shank
Item: 1138W
Womens Diva Satin Pointe Shoes

Merlet Womens "Stella" Canvas Ballet Shoes
Merlet Womens "Diva" Satin Pointe Shoes
Item: DIVA
Instant Wing Insoles
was $10.00

Gaynor Minden Instant Wing Insoles
Item: SAF124
was $24.00

Gaynor Minden Dancers' Dots Gel Cushions
Item: SAT126
was $9.94

Fancy Feet Blisstick Foot Stick
Item: 72026
Spot Dot Gel Cushions
Cushions for Back of Heel
Cushions for Ball of Foot
Fancy Feet Spot Dot Gel Cushions
Item: 72082
Fancy Feet Cushions for Back of Heel
Item: F72031
Fancy Feet Cushions for Ball of Foot
Item: F72027
Adult Supportive Arch Band
Belle Child Full Sole Leather Ballet Slippers
Capezio Adult Barefoot "Extend" Ballet Shoes
Item: H22U
Capezio Adult Supportive "Arch" Band
Item: H21U
was $18.90

Bloch "Belle" Child Full Sole Leather Ballet Slippers
Item: S0227G
Spray Resin
Pointe Shoe Stretch Kit
Freed Spray Resin
Item: 318907140
was $26.00

Bloch Pointe Shoe Stretch Kit
Item: A0527
was $6.00

Bloch Pointe Shoe Stretch Ribbon
Item: A0526
Adult EuroStretch Pointe Shoes
Bamboo Pointe Padding
Bloch Adult EuroStretch Pointe Shoes
Item: S0172L
was $90.00

Bloch Adult Hanna Pointe Shoes
Item: S0109L
Pointe Snaps Bamboo Pointe Padding
Pointe Powder
Pointe Snaps Pointe Powder
was $6.00

Pointe Snaps Green Ballerina Clear Natural Dance Rosin


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