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Flower Hair Clip
Bamboo Pointe Padding
was $6.00

Dasha Flower Hair Clip
Item: 2365
was $7.40

Pointe Snaps Bamboo Pointe Padding
Pointe Snaps Himalayan Sea Salt Soak
Pointe Powder
Padded Blister Pads
Kinesiology Tape Beige
Pointe Snaps Pointe Powder
was $5.50

Mueller Padded Blister Pads
Item: 200723
was $15.00

Mueller Kinesiology Tape Beige
Item: 23847
10 Color Glitter Eye Shadow Kit
was $9.00

Mueller Adult Ankle Support Sleeve
Item: 47631
was $7.00

All About Dance 10 Color Glitter Eye Shadow Kit
Item: 461
was $12.00

Go Girl Black Stone 10mm Pierced Earrings
Item: EP8ABL
was $10.00

Go Girl Iridescent Stone 10mm Clip-On Earrings
Item: EC8AI
was $10.00

Go Girl 10mm Silver-Plated Post Iridescent Rhinestone Earrings
Item: EP8AI
was $12.00

Go Girl 18mm Clear Stone Clip On Earring
Item: EC12AS
Ballerina Compact Mirror
Tutu Compact Mirror
was $12.00

Go Girl 18mm Clear Stone Post Earring
Item: EP12AS
was $7.00

Perry Blackburne Ballerina Compact Mirror
Item: CCM14JB
was $7.00

Perry Blackburne Tutu Compact Mirror
Item: CCM14BT
was $55.00

FlexExpress Ocean Foot Stretcher
Item: FE14008
was $55.00

FlexExpress Red Chevron Foot Stretcher
Item: FE14004
was $55.00

FlexExpress Pink Polka Dot Foot Stretcher
Item: FE14002
Gem & Feather Mesh Bow Clip
Girls Dance Bag
was $55.00

FlexExpress Black Polka Dot Foot Stretcher
Item: FE14001
was $5.00

Dasha Gem & Feather Mesh Bow Clip
Item: D2367
was $22.00

Sansha Girls "Dance" Bag
Item: KBAG2
Flexibility Band
Leather & Microfiber Dance Bag
was $25.00

Gaynor Minden Flexibility Band
Item: GMFB
was $90.00

Wear Moi Leather & Microfiber Dance Bag
Item: DIV66
was $55.00

FlexExpress Zebra/Purple Foot Stretcher
Item: FE14006
was $7.00

Yofi Cosmetics "Crushing Hard" Glitter Eye Shadow
Item: YO58
was $7.00

Yofi Cosmetics "Disco Mania" Glitter Eye Shadow
Item: YO57
was $9.00

Yofi Cosmetics Eye Glue Primer
Item: YO3

14567891015 Pages