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Oversized Dance Tote Bag
No Slip Grip Pointe Shoe Adhesive
was $6.00

Russian Pointe Narrow Gel Toe Separators
Item: RP107
was $35.00

Russian Pointe Oversized Dance Tote Bag
Item: RP106
was $25.00

Dancers Company "No Slip Grip" Pointe Shoe Adhesive
Enzyme Solutions "Stink Be Gone" Deodorizing Shoe Spray
Item: 4000130
was $14.00

DansBagz Clear Dance Garment Bag
Item: B596LAV
was $14.00

DansBagz Clear Dance Garment Bag
Item: B595PNK
Garment Bag with Privacy Pockets
Aquacolor Body and Shoe Makeup
was $15.50

DansBagz Garment Bag with Privacy Pockets
Item: B597BLK
was $14.00

Theatricals Breathable Performance Garment Bag with Zippered Compartments
Item: TH108
was $10.50

Kryolan Aquacolor Body and Shoe Makeup
Item: K1101
Heart Make-Up Bag
Fold-over Dance Bag
Accessory Bag
was $11.00

DansBagz "Heart" Make-Up Bag
Item: B472BKHP
was $30.00

Bloch Fold-over Dance Bag
Item: A319
was $17.00

Bloch Accessory Bag
Item: A318
Exercise Band
6-Pack Hair Ties
Bun Maker
was $10.00

Bloch Exercise Band
Item: A0925
Bloch 6-Pack Hair Ties
Item: A0807
was $50.00

Bloch Bun Maker
Item: A0803
Wood Foot Roller
Dancer Tutu Bag
was $10.00

Bloch Hair Builder Kit
Item: A0801
was $9.00

Bloch Wood Foot Roller
Item: 90226
was $19.00

DansBagz Dancer Tutu Bag
Item: B609
Dance Tote Bag
Sequined Duffel Bag
Cozy Toes Pointe Shoe Gel Pads
was $27.00

DansBagz "Dance" Tote Bag
Item: B459
was $30.00

DansBagz Sequined Duffel Bag
Item: B452
was $21.00

Capezio "Cozy Toes" Pointe Shoe Gel Pads
Item: BH006U
Stick-On Body Jewels
Anti-Slip 4 Oz. Spray
Kryolan Stick-On Body Jewels
Item: K307801
was $12.50

Rhinestones Unlimited Swarovski Crystal Marquise Flatback
Item: RU067
Cramer Anti-Slip 4 Oz. Spray
Item: 061027
was $10.00

K. Bell Womens "Days of the Week" Ankle Cut Dance Socks
Item: C062
was $8.00

Capezio "Sticky Strips" Double-Sided Adhesive Strips
Item: BH365U
Go Girl Rhinestone 10mm Pierced Earrings
Item: RE1

123456715 Pages