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Child Banded Sequin Legwarmers
Adult Banded Sequin Legwarmers
Child Fingerless Sequin Mitts
was $20.00

Double Platinum Child Banded Sequin Legwarmers
Item: N7304C
was $21.50

Double Platinum Adult Banded Sequin Legwarmers
Item: N7304
was $9.50

Double Platinum Child Fingerless Sequin Mitts
Item: N7303C
Adult Fingerless Sequin Mitts
Thick Rhinestone Headband
Lace Bun Cover
was $10.00

Double Platinum Adult Fingerless Sequin Mitts
Item: N7303
was $8.00

La Petite Ballerina Thick Rhinestone Headband
Item: C28501
was $6.50

La Petite Ballerina Lace Bun Cover
Item: C28487
Rhinestone Bun Cover
Pom Pom Bun Snood
Flower Bun Ring
was $7.00

La Petite Ballerina Rhinestone Bun Cover
Item: C28535
was $8.00

Dasha Pom Pom Bun Snood
Item: 4067
was $5.00

Dasha Flower Bun Ring
Item: 2391
Flower Hair Clip
Bamboo Pointe Padding
was $6.00

Dasha Flower Hair Clip
Item: 2365
Pointe Snaps Bamboo Pointe Padding
Pointe Snaps Himalayan Sea Salt Soak
Pointe Powder
FLX Exercise & Strengthening Ball
Pointe Snaps Pointe Powder
was $6.00

Pointe Snaps Green Ballerina Clear Rosin Stick
was $18.00

Flexistretcher FLX Exercise & Strengthening Ball
Item: FS2
Padded Blister Pads
Mueller Padded Blister Pads
Item: 200723
was $17.00

Mueller Muellergestic Cream
Item: 31200
was $6.00

Mueller MTape Athletic Tape Black
Item: 430824
MTape Athletic Tape White
MTape Athletic Tape Pink
Kinesiology Tape Black
Mueller MTape Athletic Tape White
Item: 430105
was $6.00

Mueller MTape Athletic Tape Pink
Item: 430830
was $15.00

Mueller Kinesiology Tape Black
Item: 23817
Kinesiology Tape Blue
Kinesiology Tape Beige
Kinesiology Tape Pink
was $15.00

Mueller Kinesiology Tape Blue
Item: 23837
was $15.00

Mueller Kinesiology Tape Beige
Item: 23847
was $15.00

Mueller Kinesiology Tape Pink
Item: 23827
FasciaDerm Tape
10 Color Glitter Eye Shadow Kit
was $21.00

Mueller FasciaDerm Tape
Item: 26337
Mueller Adult Ankle Support Sleeve
Item: 47631
was $7.00

All About Dance 10 Color Glitter Eye Shadow Kit
Item: 461

123456714 Pages