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Logo Print Toe Tape
Microfiber Sweat Towel
Workout Mat
Russian Pointe Logo Print Toe Tape
Item: RPT
was $12.00

Russian Pointe Microfiber Sweat Towel
Item: RP119
was $25.00

Russian Pointe Workout Mat
Item: RP118
Latex Exercise Bands
Therapeutic Foam Roller
Logo Print Kinesiology Tape
was $25.00

Russian Pointe Latex Exercise Bands
Item: RP117
was $30.00

Russian Pointe Therapeutic Foam Roller
Item: RP112
Russian Pointe Logo Print Kinesiology Tape
Item: RP111
Gel Toe Pads
was $24.00

Russian Pointe Gel Toe Pads
Item: RP109
Russian Pointe Wide Gel Toe Separators
Item: RP108
Russian Pointe Narrow Gel Toe Separators
Item: RP107
Oversized Dance Tote Bag
was $35.00

Russian Pointe Oversized Dance Tote Bag
Item: RP106

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