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Dance Accessories
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Unisex Blochsox Mid-Calf Dance Socks
25-Pack Bobby Pins
Fold-over Dance Bag
was $19.50

Bloch Unisex "Blochsox" Mid-Calf Dance Socks
Item: A1000
Bloch 25-Pack Bobby Pins
Item: A0808
was $30.00

Bloch Fold-over Dance Bag
Item: A319
Accessory Bag
6-Pack Hair Ties
Bun Maker
was $17.00

Bloch Accessory Bag
Item: A318
Bloch 6-Pack Hair Ties
Item: A0807
Bloch Bun Maker
Item: A0803
was $10.00

Bloch Hair Builder Kit
Item: A0801
was $45.00

Bloch Booties
Item: IM009
was $44.00

Bloch Messenger Style Dance Bag
Item: A312

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