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was $46.00

1737 Adult Black & White Warmup Bootie
Item: WB61210
was $46.00

1737 Adult Red & White Warmup Bootie
Item: WB61209
1737 Adult Polka Dot Warmup Bootie
Item: WB61206
I Dance Garment Bag
was $48.00

1737 Adult Cream Warmup Bootie
Item: WB61205
was $46.00

1737 Adult Blue Warmup Bootie
Item: WB61201
"I Dance" Garment Bag
Item: YO288
Beginner Strength CLX Resistance Band
Beginner Strength CLX Resistance Band
Item: 13007
Horizon "D" Dance Duffel Bag
Item: HD3405
Horizon "Live to Dance" Duffel Bag
Item: HD7040
Elaaahstic Dance Shoe Elastic
Horizon "Dance" Duffel Bag
Item: HD7045
Gaynor Minden "Elaaahstic" Dance Shoe Elastic
Item: SAE125
was $15.00

Rhinestones Unlimited E6000 4 Oz. Fabric Glue
Item: E6000FF
Swarovski Shimmer Rhinestones 20SS
Swarovski Standard Colored Rhinestones 20SS
was $26.00

Rhinestones Unlimited Swarovski Shimmer Rhinestones 20SS
Item: RU066
was $21.25

Rhinestones Unlimited Swarovski Standard Colored Rhinestones 20SS
Item: RU065
Jade Gel Pack Dance Jade Gel Pack
Ultra-Fine Mesh Hair Nets
Standard Hair Pins and Case
Standard Hair Pins
was $9.50

Conair Ultra-Fine Mesh Hair Nets
Item: CJ5552
was $7.50

Conair Standard Hair Pins and Case
was $7.50

Conair Standard Hair Pins
Item: CJ5530N
Hair Bow Updo Set
Updo Multi Styler Set
Floral Bun Tool Set
was $12.50

Conair Hair Bow Updo Set
Item: CJ55900
was $12.50

Conair Updo Multi Styler Set
Item: CJ556MS
was $12.50

Conair Floral Bun Tool Set
Item: CJ55663
Dual Hair Pins
Curved Hair Pins
Secure Hold Hair Pins
was $8.50

Conair Dual Hair Pins
Item: CJ5563
was $6.00

Conair Curved Hair Pins
Item: CJ5560
was $5.00

Conair Secure Hold Hair Pins
Item: CJ5559
Ultimate Updo Hair Clip
Flat Hair Pins
was $9.00

Conair Ultimate Updo Hair Clip
Item: CJ55587
was $12.50

Conair Bun Maker Set
Item: CJ55583
was $10.00

Conair Flat Hair Pins
Item: CJ5536

123456715 Pages