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Logo Print Toe Tape
Light Resistance Band
was $7.00

Russian Pointe Logo Print Toe Tape
Item: RPT
Suffolk Self-Adhesive Toe Tape
Item: 1534
Suffolk Light Resistance Band
Item: 1538L
Limber Loop Stretch Band
Self-Massage Foam Roller
Suffolk Heavy Resistance Band
Item: 1538H
Suffolk Limber Loop Stretch Band
Item: 1540
Suffolk Self-Massage Foam Roller
Item: 1541
Body Massage Stick
Foot Massage Ball
Suffolk Round Balance Board
Item: 1542
Suffolk Body Massage Stick
Item: 1539
Suffolk Foot Massage Ball
Item: 1530
Gauztex Self-Adhesive Ballet Toe Tape
Kendall K TurnBoard PRO
Kenzie Ziegler TurnBoard PRO
General Bandages Gauztex Self-Adhesive Ballet Toe Tape
Item: 21508
Ballet Is Fun Kendall K TurnBoard PRO
Item: TB5
Ballet Is Fun Kenzie Ziegler TurnBoard PRO
Item: TB4
25-Pack Bobby Pins
Microfiber Sweat Towel
Ballet Is Fun Gold TurnBoard PRO
Item: TB3
Bloch 25-Pack Bobby Pins
Item: A0808
was $12.00

Russian Pointe Microfiber Sweat Towel
Item: RP119
Workout Mat
Latex Exercise Bands
Therapeutic Foam Roller
was $25.00

Russian Pointe Workout Mat
Item: RP118
was $25.00

Russian Pointe Latex Exercise Bands
Item: RP117
was $30.00

Russian Pointe Therapeutic Foam Roller
Item: RP112
Logo Print Kinesiology Tape
Wide Gel Toe Separators
Narrow Gel Toe Separators
was $8.00

Russian Pointe Logo Print Kinesiology Tape
Item: RP111
was $6.00

Russian Pointe Wide Gel Toe Separators
Item: RP108
was $6.00

Russian Pointe Narrow Gel Toe Separators
Item: RP107
No Slip Grip Pointe Shoe Adhesive
Aquacolor Body and Shoe Makeup
was $25.00

Dancers Company "No Slip Grip" Pointe Shoe Adhesive
Enzyme Solutions "Stink Be Gone" Deodorizing Shoe Spray
Item: 4000130
was $10.50

Kryolan Aquacolor Body and Shoe Makeup
Item: K1101
Exercise Band
6-Pack Hair Ties
Bun Maker
was $10.00

Bloch Exercise Band
Item: A0925
Bloch 6-Pack Hair Ties
Item: A0807
was $50.00

Bloch Bun Maker
Item: A0803

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