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Animal Print Accessory Kit
Go Girl Rhinestone 10mm Pierced Earrings
Item: RE1
Dancers Keeper Animal Print Accessory Kit
was $25.00

Pure Style Girlfriends Womens "Smooth 'Em" Non-Adhesive Concealers
Item: 98758
was $15.00

Pure Style Girlfriends Womens "Smooth 'Em" Adhesive Concealers
Item: 75745
was $15.00

Pure Style Girlfriends Women’s “Pick-Me-Up” Breast Tape
Item: 75752
was $40.00

Pure Style Girlfriends Womens "Gather-the-Girls" Silicone Bra
Item: 75783
Toe Tape
Russian Pointe Toe Tape
Pillows For Pointes "Body Glide" Anti-Chafing Balm
Item: BGH
Pillows For Pointes Moleskin Padding Sheets
Item: MOL
Magnetic HairpinPal Hair Clip Holder
Pillows For Pointes "Stikit2Me" Roll-on Body Glue
Item: RBG
Blue Feather Magnetic "HairpinPal" Hair Clip Holder
Cramer Elite Strength CLX Resistance Band
Item: 13011
TheraBand Foot Roller
Ultra-Fine Mesh Hair Nets
Standard Hair Pins and Case
TheraBand Foot Roller
Item: 13091
was $9.50

Conair Ultra-Fine Mesh Hair Nets
Item: CJ5552
was $7.50

Conair Standard Hair Pins and Case
Standard Hair Pins
Secure Hold Hair Pins
Mini Hair Pins
was $7.50

Conair Standard Hair Pins
Item: CJ5530N
was $5.00

Conair Secure Hold Hair Pins
Item: CJ5559
was $5.00

Conair Mini Hair Pins
Item: CJ5535
Snap Hair Clips
Color Match Hair Bands
Iridescent Stone Clip Earring
was $4.50

Scunci Snap Hair Clips
Item: CJ1699
was $8.00

Scunci Color Match Hair Bands
Item: CJ5888
was $12.00

Go Girl Iridescent Stone Clip Earring
Item: EC12AI
GenieLastic Dance Elastic Band
GenieLoop Dance Training Loop
was $12.00

Go Girl Iridescent Stone Post Earring
Item: EP12AI
Arch Genie "GenieLastic" Dance Elastic Band
Arch Genie "GenieLoop" Dance Training Loop
Self-Adhesive 3/4 Pointe Tape
Mini Fitness Headbands
Team Hustle Athletic Backpack
was $8.00

Pointe Snaps Self-Adhesive 3/4" Pointe Tape
Under Armour Mini Fitness Headbands
Item: 1286016
Under Armour "Team Hustle" Athletic Backpack
Item: 1272782

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