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Ultra-Fine Mesh Hair Nets
Standard Hair Pins and Case
Jade Gel Pack Dance Jade Gel Pack
was $9.50

Conair Ultra-Fine Mesh Hair Nets
Item: CJ5552
was $7.50

Conair Standard Hair Pins and Case
Standard Hair Pins
Hair Bow Updo Set
Updo Multi Styler Set
was $7.50

Conair Standard Hair Pins
Item: CJ5530N
was $12.50

Conair Hair Bow Updo Set
Item: CJ55900
was $12.50

Conair Updo Multi Styler Set
Item: CJ556MS
Floral Bun Tool Set
Dual Hair Pins
Curved Hair Pins
was $12.50

Conair Floral Bun Tool Set
Item: CJ55663
was $8.50

Conair Dual Hair Pins
Item: CJ5563
was $6.00

Conair Curved Hair Pins
Item: CJ5560
Secure Hold Hair Pins
Ultimate Updo Hair Clip
was $5.00

Conair Secure Hold Hair Pins
Item: CJ5559
was $9.00

Conair Ultimate Updo Hair Clip
Item: CJ55587
was $12.50

Conair Bun Maker Set
Item: CJ55583
Flat Hair Pins
Mini Hair Pins
Color Match Hair Elastics
was $10.00

Conair Flat Hair Pins
Item: CJ5536
was $5.00

Conair Mini Hair Pins
Item: CJ5535
was $7.00

Scunci Color Match Hair Elastics
Item: CJ3970
Snap Hair Clips
Color Match Hair Bands
Iridescent Stone Clip Earring
was $4.50

Scunci Snap Hair Clips
Item: CJ1699
was $8.00

Scunci Color Match Hair Bands
Item: CJ5888
was $12.00

Go Girl Iridescent Stone Clip Earring
Item: EC12AI
Bright Colored Hairagami
Animal Print Hairagami
was $12.00

Go Girl Iridescent Stone Post Earring
Item: EP12AI
was $9.50

Hairagami Bright Colored Hairagami
Item: 99820
was $9.50

Hairagami Animal Print Hairagami
Item: 99811
GenieLastic Dance Elastic Band
GenieLoop Dance Training Loop
GenieBand Dance Training Band
Arch Genie "GenieLastic" Dance Elastic Band
Arch Genie "GenieLoop" Dance Training Loop
Arch Genie "GenieBand" Dance Training Band
Dance Foot Log
Self-Adhesive 3/4 Pointe Tape
Foot Log Dance Foot Log
was $8.00

Pointe Snaps Self-Adhesive 3/4" Pointe Tape
was $11.00

B-YOU Stretch Your Limits Stretch Band
Item: FP071

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