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Adult Pirouette II Canvas Lyrical Shoe
Child Love Ballet Leather Ballet Slipper
was $18.50

Capezio Adult Pirouette II Canvas Lyrical Shoe
Item: H061
was $22.00

Capezio Child "Love Ballet" Leather Ballet Slipper
Item: 2035C
was $55.00

Capezio Adult Broad Demipointe Shoe
Item: 1118
was $55.00

Capezio Adult Tapered Box Demipointe Shoe
Item: 1116T
was $6.50

Capezio European Pink Ribbon
Item: CAP
was $36.00

Capezio "Juliet" Adult Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper
Item: 2027
E-Series Child Lace Up Jazz Shoe
was $74.00

Capezio "Riff" Adult Slip-On Tap Shoe
Item: CG18
was $26.50

Capezio Adult Jelz Footundeez Lyrical Half Sole
Item: H07G
was $31.00

Capezio "E-Series" Child Lace Up Jazz Shoe
Item: EJ1C

12345679 PagesShow All