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Adult Hi-Top Sequin Sneaker
Adult Sequin Sneaker
was $32.50

Double Platinum Adult Hi-Top Sequin Sneaker
was $31.50

Double Platinum Adult Sequin Sneaker
Item: CHUX
was $20.00

Bloch Adult Spin II Modern Half Sole
Item: S0639L
Fierce Adult Dance Sneaker
Bloch Adult Spin Modern Half Sole
Item: S0636L
was $65.00

Capezio "Fierce" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: DS11
was $27.00

Theatricals Adult Split-Sole Gym Shoe
Item: T8302
Adult Gore Top Jazz Shoe
Adult Lace Up Jazz Shoe
was $44.00

Theatricals Adult Gore Top Jazz Shoe
Item: T7902
was $41.00

Theatricals Adult Neoprene Arch Slip-On Jazz Boot
Item: T7802
was $31.00

Theatricals Adult Lace Up Jazz Shoe
Item: T7302
Adult Gore Insert Jazz Boot
Adult Leap Gym Shoe
Adult Rubin V-Cut Pointe Shoe
was $37.00

Theatricals Adult Gore Insert Jazz Boot
Item: T7602
was $28.00

Capezio Adult "Leap" Gym Shoe
Item: EM2
Russian Pointe Adult "Rubin" V-Cut Pointe Shoe
Item: RN
Adult Brava Pointe Shoe
Russian Pointe Adult "Brava" Pointe Shoe
Item: BD
was $16.00

Leo's Adult Illusion Lyrical Half Sole
Item: LS6100L
was $47.00

Leo's Adult Jazz Sandal
Item: LS4002L
was $73.00

Leo's Adult Slip On Jazz Tap Shoe
Item: LS3007L
was $69.90

Leo's Adult Split Sole Jazz Tap Shoe
Item: LS3006L
was $81.90

Leo's Adult Giordano Spectator Tap Shoe
Item: LS3004L
was $25.00

Leo's Adult Arabesque Leather Ballet Slipper
Item: LS2005L
was $17.00

Leo's Adult Ballet Russe Full Sole Ballet Slipper
Item: LS2001L
was $17.30

Leo's Adult Company Ballet Slipper
Item: LS2305L
Bolt of 1 Woven Elastic
Suffolk Sewing Tube
Item: 1525
Suffolk Bolt of 1" Woven Elastic
Item: 1515
Suffolk Double Sided Ribbon Set
Item: 1507
Adult Show Stopper Jazz Shoe
was $96.00

Freed Bulk 1" Wide Ribbon
Item: BFWR
was $77.00

Capezio Adult Cadence Tap Shoe
Item: CG19
was $39.00

Capezio Adult Show Stopper Jazz Shoe
Item: CP05

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