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Sewing Kit
was $13.00

Russian Pointe Sewing Kit
was $46.00

Capezio Adult 2" Jr. Footlight T-Strap Character Shoe
Item: 750
was $6.00

Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Stretch Elastic Ribbon Pack
Item: 52
Adult Spark Competition Cheer Shoe
Adult Star Struck 3 Character Shoe
was $70.00

Kaepa Adult "Spark" Competition Cheer Shoe
Item: K6366
Capezio Adult Tapsonic Tap Shoe
Item: K542
was $45.00

Theatricals Pro Adult "Star Struck" 3" Character Shoe
Item: THP330
Adult Audition 2 Heel T-Strap
Adult Stage Right 2 Character Shoe
Adult Chorus 1.5 Character Shoe
was $49.50

Theatricals Pro Adult "Audition" 2" Heel T-Strap
Item: THP325
was $41.00

Theatricals Pro Adult "Stage Right" 2" Character Shoe
Item: THP320
was $39.00

Theatricals Pro Adult "Chorus" 1.5" Character Shoe
Item: THP315
Adult Pinnacle Jazz Slip-On Jazz Shoe
Adult Ultra Ballet Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper
Adult Broadway Jazz Over the Ankle Canvas Jazz Boot
was $42.00

Theatricals Pro Adult "Pinnacle Jazz" Slip-On Jazz Shoe
Item: THP700
was $29.00

Theatricals Pro Adult "Ultra Ballet" Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper
Item: THP200
was $38.00

Theatricals Adult "Broadway Jazz" Over the Ankle Canvas Jazz Boot
Item: T7502
Adult Ultimate Competition Leather Jazz Shoe with Neoprene
Lyrical Flow Canvas Half Sole
Adult Studz Combat Boot
was $40.00

Theatricals Adult "Ultimate Competition" Leather Jazz Shoe with Neoprene
Item: T7702
was $20.05

Theatricals "Lyrical Flow" Canvas Half Sole
Item: T8975
was $50.00

Gia Mia Adult Studz Combat Boot
Item: GS11W
Adult Convertible Combat Boot
Adult Star Combat Boot
Adult 2 T-Strap Character Shoe
was $52.00

Gia Mia Adult Convertible Combat Boot
Item: GS10W
was $52.00

Gia Mia Adult Star Combat Boot
Item: GS7W
was $42.95

Theatricals Adult 2" T-Strap Character Shoe
Item: T3300
Sparkly Jazz Boot
Adult Hi-Top Sequin Sneaker
Adult Sequin Sneaker
was $39.00

Double Platinum Sparkly Jazz Boot
was $32.50

Double Platinum Adult Hi-Top Sequin Sneaker
was $31.50

Double Platinum Adult Sequin Sneaker
Item: CHUX
Fierce Adult Dance Sneaker
was $20.00

Bloch Adult Spin II Modern Half Sole
Item: S0639L
Bloch Adult Spin Modern Half Sole
Item: S0636L
was $67.00

Capezio "Fierce" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: DS11
Adult Gore Top Jazz Shoe
was $27.00

Theatricals Adult Split-Sole Gym Shoe
Item: T8302
was $44.00

Theatricals Adult Gore Top Jazz Shoe
Item: T7902
was $41.00

Theatricals Adult Neoprene Arch Slip-On Jazz Boot
Item: T7802

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