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Sewing Kit
was $80.00

Capezio Adult "Airess" Tapered Toe Pointe Shoe #6.5 Shank
Item: C1134
was $98.00

Freed "Classic Professional 90" Pointe Shoe
Item: SBTCP90
was $13.00

Russian Pointe Sewing Kit
Adult Ultra Ballet Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper
Adult Rubin V-Cut Pointe Shoe
was $6.00

Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Stretch Elastic Ribbon Pack
Item: 52
was $29.00

Theatricals Pro Adult "Ultra Ballet" Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper
Item: THP200
Russian Pointe Adult "Rubin" V-Cut Pointe Shoe
Item: RN
Adult Brava Pointe Shoe
Russian Pointe Adult "Brava" Pointe Shoe
Item: BD
was $25.00

Leo's Adult Arabesque Leather Ballet Slipper
Item: LS2005L
was $17.00

Leo's Adult Ballet Russe Full Sole Ballet Slipper
Item: LS2001L
Bolt of 1 Woven Elastic
was $17.30

Leo's Adult Company Ballet Slipper
Item: LS2305L
Suffolk Sewing Tube
Item: 1525
Suffolk Bolt of 1" Woven Elastic
Item: 1515
Suffolk Double Sided Ribbon Set
Item: 1507
was $96.00

Freed Bulk 1" Wide Ribbon
Item: BFWR
was $86.00

Capezio Adult #7.5 Shank Studio Pointe Shoe
Item: C1122
was $86.00

Capezio Adult #5.5 Shank Studio Pointe Shoe
Item: C1121
was $5.50

Bunheads Stretching The Pointe Mesh Elastic
Item: BH317
was $25.00

Capezio Adult Pirouette II Leather Lyrical Shoe
Item: H062
Big Toe Bunion Pad
was $18.00

Capezio Adult Pirouette II Canvas Lyrical Shoe
Item: H061
was $14.00

Danztech Big Toe Bunion Pad
Item: TSTJ
was $80.00

Mirella Satin Whisper Pointe Shoe
Item: MS140
was $80.00

Mirella Whisper Matte Adult Pointe Shoe
Item: MS141
was $99.00

Grishko Adult Nova Pointe Shoe
Item: NOVA
was $73.00

Capezio Adult "Contempora ES" Pointe Shoe
Item: 176ES
was $78.00

Wear Moi Adult "LaPointe" Square Box Pointe Shoe
Item: WM129S
was $78.00

Wear Moi Adult "LaPointe" Tapered Box Pointe Shoe
Item: WM129T
was $27.00

Wear Moi Adult Split-Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper
Item: WM128

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