Reversible Toe Pad - Style No GEL

Reversible Toe Pad
by Pillows For Pointe
Adult "Lujo" Tank Embroidered Back Leotard - Style No L6935

Adult "Lujo" Tank Embroidered Back Leotard
by Bloch
Adult Jetstream Pointe Shoe - Style No S0129L

Adult Jetstream Pointe Shoe
by Bloch


Style No: S0190L

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Bloch's Axis pointe shoe is designed with ThermoMorph Technology (TMT) for a perfectly fitted shoe with an accelerated break-in process. The Axis features a medium strength shank, streamlined toe, lowered sides with angled seaming, and a U-shaped vamp. A quiet shoe with a curved last. TMT heat activated paste allows the shoes, labeled left and right, to completely mold to the shape of the foot. The TMT paste drastically reduces break-in time by creating a molded fit from the first time the shoes are worn.

Fabric : Satin

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