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E-Series Adult Lace Up Jazz Shoe
was $34.00

Capezio "E-Series" Adult Lace Up Jazz Shoe
Item: EJ1
was $30.50

Capezio Mens Full Seat Dance Brief
Item: 5935
was $35.00

Capezio Mens Padded Thong Dance Belt
Item: 5936
Pocketed Garment Bag
E-Series Adult Slip-On Jazz Shoe
TapFlex Adult Lace Up Tap Shoe
was $30.50

Capezio Pocketed Garment Bag
Item: B61
was $41.00

Capezio "E-Series" Adult Slip-On Jazz Shoe
Item: EJ2
was $83.00

Bloch "TapFlex" Adult Lace Up Tap Shoe
Item: S0388L
Premiere Adult Lace Up Tap Shoe
was $92.00

Capezio "Premiere" Adult Lace Up Tap Shoe
Item: CG09
was $25.50

Capezio Cotton Dance Belt
Item: N26
was $30.50

Capezio Mens Quilted Dance Belt
Item: N5930
Adult/Child Unisex 18 Knitted Legwarmers
was $29.50

Capezio Men's Back Seam Footed Knit Tight
Item: MT11
Dance Paws Adult Adjustable Lyrical Half Sole
Item: PALB
was $10.00

All About Dance Adult/Child Unisex 18" Knitted Legwarmers
Item: 18C
Child/Adult 12 Knitted Legwarmer
I-FLEX JR. Stretch Unit
was $8.50

La Petite Ballerina Child/Adult 12" Knitted Legwarmer
Item: 12C
was $11.00

Invitation Adult Unisex 21" Knitted Legwarmer
Item: 21C
was $25.00

I Flex Fitness I-FLEX JR. Stretch Unit
Item: IJR0009
Blitz-3 Adult Dance Sneaker
was $21.00

BalTogs Mens Dance Belt
Item: 28
was $53.20

Sansha "Blitz-3" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: S33M
was $45.00

Capezio "Romeo" Mens Split-Sole Leather Ballet Slipper
Item: 2020
FlexMaster Adult Tap Shoe
was $87.00

Capezio "FlexMaster" Adult Tap Shoe
Item: CG16
was $68.50

Capezio "RockIt" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: DS24
was $36.50

Horizon Multi-Pocket Dance Duffle Bag
Item: 4366
Tutto Nero Adult Dance Sneaker
Adult Unisex Legwarmers
was $44.00

Sansha "Hi-Step" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: P40C
was $53.20

Sansha "Tutto Nero" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: P22M
was $10.00

All About Dance Adult Unisex Legwarmers
Item: 4444
Heavy Weight Resistance Band
Medium Weight Resistance Band
Bloch "Boost" Adult Dance Sneaker
Item: S0528L
was $10.00

Bunheads Heavy Weight Resistance Band
Item: BH512
was $10.00

Bunheads Medium Weight Resistance Band
Item: BH511

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