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Rhinestone Silk Flower Hair Clip
Pinky Pads
was $6.50

Go Girl! Rhinestone Silk Flower Hair Clip
Item: SF
was $11.95

Body Wrappers Adult Long Mesh Gloves
Item: G100
was $6.50

Bunheads Pinky Pads
Item: BH1040
Pointe Shoe Extension Ribbon
Heavy Weight Resistance Band

was $11.95

Eurotard Feather Lites
Item: 990FL

On Sale
See Price In Bag
was $5.25

Prima Soft Pointe Shoe Extension Ribbon
Item: PSSR
was $8.00

Bunheads Heavy Weight Resistance Band
Item: BH512
Medium Weight Resistance Band
was $8.00

Bunheads Medium Weight Resistance Band
Item: BH511
was $5.25

Hairagami The Original Hairagami Blonde
Item: 99910
was $5.25

Hairagami The Original Hairagami Black
Item: 99901
Rhinestone Ponytail Holder
was $6.50

Double Platinum Stretchy Sequin Belt
Item: D1047
was $14.75

Go Girl! Rhinestone Ponytail Holder
Item: PTB10
was $10.50

Pillows For Pointe Gel Toe Pillows
Item: GTTP
Toe Pads
12 Child Clear Adjustable Strap
was $13.75

Danztech Toe Pads
Item: TSSD
was $3.25

Natalie 12" Child Clear Adjustable Strap
Item: N8159C
was $8.75

Go Girl! 8mm Celestial Button Post Earrings
Item: EP8AS
Dance Bag & Coin Purse
was $14.50

Everest Dance Bag & Coin Purse
Item: 1002DLX
was $4.50

Raindance 3/4" Hip Alignment Belt
Item: 62S
was $0.60

Freed European Pink Narrow Elastic
was $4.50

Freed Freed European Pink Ribbon 1"
was $3.50

Grishko 1" Wide Ribbon
was $5.50

Sure Foot Foot Rubz Massage Ball
Item: FRM1
Child Pointe Shoe Socks
was $7.95

For Bare Feet Child Pointe Shoe Socks
Item: PS903
was $3.00

Gaynor Minden Invisible Elastic
Item: GMIE
was $1.75

Gaynor Minden 3/4" Elastic
Item: GME
Faux Heavyweight Lashes
was $3.95

Gaynor Minden Pale Peach Ribbon
Item: GMR
was $4.50

Bunheads Faux Heavyweight Lashes
Item: BH601
was $2.25

Pillows For Pointe Gel Pointe Shoe Cushions
Item: GPC

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