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Multi Purpose Tape
Rhinestone Embellished Hair Bow
was $7.50

Mueller Multi Purpose Tape
Item: 430
Go Girl! Rhinestone Embellished Hair Bow
Item: GB
Theatricals Gerber Daisy Flower Clip
Item: C28265
Mesh Bag
Adjustable Hip Alignment Belt
Pillows For Pointe Mesh Bag
Item: PSP
was $6.50

Raindance Adjustable Hip Alignment Belt
Item: 62ADJ
was $11.00

Theatricals Child Long White Stretch Gloves
Item: 15912
Small Buncovers With Rhinestones
Large Buncovers With Rhinestones
was $10.00

All About Dance Bra Clips
was $7.00

Theatricals Small Buncovers With Rhinestones
Item: C26679
was $8.00

Theatricals Large Buncovers With Rhinestones
Item: C26688

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